Build app QR code regularly stops at 30% compiling part 1

This has been happening over the last few days building my Camera_Control 3.5MB APK.
This morning I tried 4 times, refreshing the screen after 3-4 minutes as it is inactive and restarting. On the 4th attempt it did it in about 10 seconds. Is this just the server busy?

It sometimes happens that if people build particularly large apps (not necessarily you), then the load balancer ends up in a situation where one of the build servers falls behind and has many builds queued. Buildservers can have up to 30 builds at once and we run a cluster of 12 right now. It’s also possible depending on the time that a competition/hackathon is running and we get a large influx that is atypical.

Many thanks, as ever, for your succinct response

(added to Build Error FAQ)

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