Compiler Error: DX returned an error code

I don't know why this happened. Please help me to solve the issue!

please provide the complete error log, especially the end
PS: and keep the discussion in the public community

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You use multiple monetization extensions and possibly other extensions. You might wish to test your Project without them and see whether the Project compiles.

it looks like you have the error "ERROR: DX returned an error code" which occurs, if you are using several extensions, which use Proguard to obfuscate their code


which extensions are you using?
these extension developers should update their extensions, see also



...also appears when libraries conflict. It is easy to guess libs are issue here. I am sure Unity and IAB both requires android-gms lib and that's the reason behind error.

Hello, I'm joining this conversation because I have the same problem. When I load TaifunBluetooth extension together with the TaifunWiFi extension companion doesn't work, and if I try to compile the apk it gives me the error [RunMultidex] ERROR: DX returned an error code. The extensions are updated to the latest version: TaifunBluetooth version 5 and TaifunWiFi version 16. What should I do?

We detected this issue in October 2023...
The latest version of the bluetooth extension was built in November 2022 and the wifi extension in August 2023, which means, both extensions need to be rebuilt ..

I will provide an update doon...
Thank you


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both extensions have been updated meanwhile
you can download them from the download folder


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Thanks! Now it works perfectly.
Now I just need to be able to load a custom font into the canvas, with an extension or with a program update. Help please