App Inventor is unable to compile this project, "the compiler error output was"

I build an app that consists of 9 screens..Is it the problem? I cant build apk..

Did you check

Same error as posted above. Checked "project in a project" type of error and that is not the reason why I am facing [App Inventor is unable to compile this project, “the compiler error output was”] error. Also, I have verified that there are no keywords.

What is so special about your app? Tell about the size of the assets, number of screens, number of blocks, size of your icon, etc, etc.

Please export your project and post it here.

IoT_esp8266.aia (31.6 KB)

.........and what do we do of this?
Is it meant to check for build errors?

You have your icon image with *.ico extension, use only file extension *.jpg, *.png..

Guys I'm having the same problem. The error itself does not return any common error, normally I found errors where it brought me what was wrong, this one does not bring me anything

Below is the AIA and the image

Project.aia (2.8 MB)

It is possible that the problem may be the use of as many as 11 screens.

No issues here; I changed nothing.

Maybe a temporary compilation error. How many times have you tried building the APK?

Yes, I've also tried it now, and it builds the APK no problem.

The ai2.appinventor build servers might have choked on something too big in that app.

Their time slice per user is a narrow gullet.

I see new error "Build failed! Server error performing build"

I tried deleting all the extensions as it goes in a topic here in the community, but it didn't work either.

you can send the APK here i can't build :cry: :sob: :sob: :sob:

"Build" correct for me.

Which online server are you using?

You can try on this server:

It might be because of this file

Try by reimporting the project you upload here


Why does everyone else compile correctly?

When you import a project with a corrupt file then for you it doesn't exist, server removes it

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