I need to learn how to build normal apps

I need to learn how to build normal apps but the tutorials that seem useless when I think of what I need to do. As a former programmer, I understand a lot of logic, however, when it comes to a new tool, it is hard to understand its format and behaviour if it is not widely intuitive.

I have been struggling to figure out each of those puzzle-like blocks, the words that appear on them and so on. For example, yesterday I followed a tutorial to create a model app called "Bounce the Ball" and it worked perfectly. Following the steps that make a tutorial work perfectly wasn't enough for to understand anything, though. I watched a video of a woman explaining and, believe it or not, things got even worse, I understod even less after watching the video.

This morning I came up with some hints from other users to tutorials that create other apps and so on. I made a quick check and didn't manage to find any that would explain all about blocks, their concept, the weird words that appear on them, data banks, loging and password routines, variables, vectors, etc. Actually I am not interested in learning things isolatedly although the kicking ball method was overly intriguing to be understood. Why is the explanation so unclear? How can I get it clearer? Morever, I am very interested in going straight to learning everything that involves creating apps with:

Database (Tiny? Tinyweb? Other?)
How to configure database fields
Login and password register, alteration and exclusion;
Login through social media
CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) registers
Create links to Google Drive, Youtube or audio sources.
Create payment API
Create variables, matrixes, vectors, etc.

I guess I should learn everything about the block components in order to be independent to decide which ones to use.

Please help me!

Here's my starter kit ...

AI2 lists are linked lists:

TinyDB is a tag/value phone-resident database based internally on XML files.

All other natively supported databases are online, requiring event blocks to catch returned values and operation completion results.

The Web component can be used to access REST APIs...

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Thanks. Do you know of any specific tutorials that would teach me how to create a normal app with login/password and CRUD data handling?

See the Google Sheets FAQ.

It seems that I won't go ahead. I have received tons and tons of links that in the end drive me lost and crazy. Where exactly should I go in order to learn how to create the kinds of app I need? They are nothing exotic or unusual but normal apps that carry on: Register via password and social media, passord change, CRUD to registers on databanks, payment API, etc.

I have been where you are now and so have hundreds of C++, Visual Basic and Android Studio and other traditional scripting language programmers who had to adjust to the 'new' concept. Give it a try; you'll be glad you did.

Start at the beginning by reading The Inventor's Manual in App Inventor 2 Book: Create Your Own Android Apps. Learn the basic concepts of using Blocks to program. You have to understand how the Blocks work to build the basic apps you envision.

Then, go to http://www.imagnity.com/tutorial-index/ for more tutorials some of which build simple basic apps.

If you get stuck or in trouble, ask here. Someone will be glad to help you.


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