Can't sign out or delete account

So basically my school created a google account for all my classmates (and I) and my mind went to the wrong place and I accidentally signed in using my personal google account. No matter how hard I try, either "Sign out" or "Delete Account" won't work.
I sign out then head back to the MIT app inventor website and when I click "Create Apps" it just brings me back to my personal account's projects page.


Someone from MIT will help soon and explain how you can use your school account. :slight_smile:

App Inventor just uses Google's account login. Since you're logged into your personal account, App Inventor is using that.

One way to do this is to open an Incognito window. In Chrome and Firefox, this option can be found under the 3 dot/hamburger menu to the far-right of the toolbar. An Incognito window should have no login cookies, and you can log into the correct account to use App Inventor.

You should also be able to go to and log your entire browser out of your personal account.


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