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A registration/login template/demo using Google Sheets and SimpleCrypto

Google Sheets - Register & Login


Hello TIMAI2, recently I downloaded and tried your sample project with my own Google Sheets, I only changed the "global scriptURL" and leave the rest as it is, in addition I've set the Google Web App access to anyone and filled the Google Sheets with dummy data as placeholder, but unfortunately It constantly leads to a runtime error saying "Cannot parse text argument to "list from csv row" as CSV-formatted row". any solutions for that?

There could be a few places where errors can creep in. The list from csv row is used with the userlist and with the password verification.

Check your google apps script web app. Did you fill in the google spreadsheet and sheet name information correctly, then republish your script to a new version ?

Because the web app uses doGet(e), you can test the script from a browser by building a suitable url (probably good only for testing the getusers function)

You should not need to add dummy data, you should start by making login entries using the app to ensure data compliance.

Hello TIMAI2
Thanks a lot for the projects you have uploaded.
I am a beginner and I need your help.

  1. At the code point
    function doGet(e) {
    var ss = SpreadsheetApp.openById('YOUR SHEET ID HERE');
    YOUR SHEET ID HERE= https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/14kToJ_07g2DDcL8T1UtPfkjJszvaoEh15TNa0ZI0zyc/edit#gid=0

OR only ID 14kToJ_07g2DDcL8T1UtPfkjJszvaoEh15TNa0ZI0zyc

var sheet = ss.getSheetByName("YOUR SHEET/GRID NAME HERE");

YOUR SHEET/GRID NAME HERE = e.g. Sheet name 'Data'

  1. Do I need to change the column name?

UID to uid, Username to user and Encrypted Password to passwd


it's correct ?

Obfuscated Text = Web app URL

Thanks in advance

  1. Sheet Id is the id code of the spreadsheet, e.g. 14kToJ_07g2DDcL8T1UtPfkjJszvaoEh15TNa0ZI0zyc
    Sheet/Grid name is the name of the sheet you want the data to go to, so in your case Data

These are the only two items you need to change in the script to work with your spreadsheet/s

  1. You should not need to change the column names....
    The script url is set to the variable scriptUrl. You can use a plain text block or an obfuscated text block.

  2. The html files need to be in your assets / media folder. http://localhost/ is a special address used by AI2 to access files in the assets for the webviewer (only).