FAQ Section: Screens

Screen Design Advice

Building apps with many screens

Many similar screens

Universal screen sizes

Screen Switching

Choosing a Switching Technique - @Anke

Effects of Companion on Screen and app closing - Boban

How do I open Screen1? - vknow360 and others

How do I switch screens? (manager) - Taifun

How to start from Screen2

Switching screens without a manager

Screen Manipulation

Copy and Rename Screens - Tim Houser

How do I Delete Unused Screens? - mareshu

How do I remove the grey bar?

Renaming Screens by Copy and Paste - ewpatton

Screen renamer (Windows .exe) - Juan Antonio


Codes for Automatic and Fill Parent?

Create a Login Screen

Global variables across screens?

How do I keep the screen on - periodic transparent ShowAlert

How to keep screen on with extension - Taifun

How to pass values from one screen to another screen by Scott

Responsive Design testing

Transparent Screen Background - Boban


Blank screen on GoBack (webViewer) - jis


Unwanted Screen Rotations - Power Users discussion

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Copy and paste screens
Renaming screens
Making my app responsive
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Same menu for many screens
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Change the start screen
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Can we change the first screen?
Notifier.AfterChoosing Error
How do i import an entire program into a new screen in another program?
MIT AI2 Companion has unexpectedly crashed
When I use the app on my phone I am unable to switch screens
Why is my variable resetting everytime?
How many records are stored in my TinyDB?
How do I Store Data when changing screen?
I can't show my list picker on listview
If statement on degrees
Help crash app problem
Switching screens to add items
How can I make a refresh button?
Using Variables On Multiple Screens
About the Bugs and Other Issues category
Bug with dictionaries - Emulator and AI Companion discrepancies
Bad Arguments on Clock Duration
Multiple screens
Needing help with user made vocal commands sent via bluetooth
Server error : could not load the file. Please try again
Screen again and again initializing
How to use multiple screen but without affecting the data of it
Please help! i need a timer for each question
Please help! i need a timer for each question
How can I change screens using spinner?
Opening another screen AND closing the current one
Screen rotation help
Progress Bar stuck at 75%
Problem with get start value block
Flash card app not working
Cloud DB not sure how to use
Displaying and Storing User Data in Firebase
Close screen block
Getting this error while running, Using ASYNC Procedures extension
How do you make idle game add points when game isn't running?
Score counter with multiple screens
Screen sizing issue - has to be a simple solution
HorizontalArrangement - framing
Error with two screen
Looking for solution between backpressed and closeapplication
Turning Ranked Numbers Into Word Tags
Screen Arrangement
Delete un-used screens
How do i end a game and moove back to the first screen
The operation add items to list cannot accept the arguments: ,
RE: Linking multiple tinyDB together
Multi screen app inventor 2
Saving Text in a textbox
First screen choose
My new Quiz app Works well while with ai companion but crashes while installing the built app
Notifier Doesn't Close