🔥 Register and Login using Firebase Authentication for your app


Seen several people asking about this, so decided to write it up. I have included email verification as well.

Registration & Login with Firebase Authentication


Thank you.

Thanks @TIMAI2 for sharing this.

It'll complete, if you also include forgot password ( to reset the password using sendOobCode method ) option, in this tutorial.


Where can I find the stated initialized variables from the link:

These are all set by the app, there is no default value.

Oh I see, thats why i couldnt find such variables in my firebase except the webAPI. Thank you

Btw Tim, on your website, the image of the blocks of the tutorial is not displayed, maybe due to a path error. Please fix this.

Working fine here (tested in non signed in browser)

The blocks image is inside some html, you have to scroll over the image to view more blocks

But I can't scroll, I mean this is showing:

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Must be something going on with your browser, works fine for me on desktop and mobile.