FAQ Section: BlueTooth/BLE

BLE Releases

BluetoothLE extension 20230728 released - ewpatton

BluetoothLE extension 20201223 released - ewpatton

BluetoothLE extension 20200828 released - ewpatton

BluetoothLE extension 20190701 released - EWPatton

BLE Problems
How to clean out residual BLE extension parts - ewpatton

How to send text longer than 20 bytes - ChrisWard

WriteStrings is fixed to 23 Bytes and WriteBytes uses MTU - F3John
Multiple BLE connections in one screen - PeterO

BLE app freezes then crashes - registered too many times - Patton

BLE Techniques

FAQ Section: BlueTooth Starter Guides

BLE Notifications example - @Juan_Antonio

BLE Heart Rate Monitor - Gordon_Moore

BLE heart rate/thermometer work flow - Gerrikoio

Multiple screens with BLE in the master screen - Juan_Antonio

BLE connection on Alcatel requires Google Location turned on - Tim Baudermann

BLE Docs
BLE Extension docs

BLE extension: http://iot.appinventor.mit.edu/assets/resources/edu.mit.appinventor.ble.aix

BLE version numbers


HM10 and SH-HC-08 - Patryk_F

FAQ Section: BlueTooth Starter Guides
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FAQ Section: Extensions
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