Arduino Nano 33 BLE Help needed- Simple Solution for BLE connection?

Hey everyone,
I am new to App Inventor and trying to connect my Arduino Nano 33 BLE via bluetooth to my App via MIT AI2 Companion and I have a few questions. I've tried to look through existing questions but there are a few things I don't quite understand.

  1. Is it even possible to do it like this (via MIT AI2 Companion)? It works with Arduino UNO..
  2. The Arduino code is readable to me and I understand most of it, but is there an easy way to translate the sending part into blocks? All the solutions I've seen use multiple blocks and I dont understand them completely
  3. Can you help me with the BLE connection?

Here is my app:
I'm trying to turn on 6 LEDs using buttons on the app. Each button should turn on a different colored LED while turning the others off, so only one LED can be on at a time. The dark button should turn all LEDs off.

And here are the blocks (not completed, I don't know how to proceed):

And here is the Arduino Code (very similar to the arduino tutorial and a code from this forum):
girlsday2023_LED_BLE.ino (9.1 KB)

Thank you for reading! Helpful links are also apprechiated!

You write that you want to connect to the BLE module, and you are using the Bluetooth Classic component. BLE and Classic are two different bluetooth systems. You must use the BLE extension to be able to connect to BLE devices.

Thank you very much! Extensions are news to me, sorry! I just installed it and will look into the documentation :slight_smile:

Something we can't do with built-in blocks, we do with extensions. In this case BLE. there are also many tutorials about BLE.

It is working now, thank you very much! My biggest problem was the BLE connection, I'm glad that you found my mistake :slight_smile:
Oh and the short uuids didn't work, I needed longer ones, I don't know why but yeah

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What android are you using?

Android 11 on a Samsung Galaxy Tab (It also gives me the Bluetooth permission error 908, but it still is working, couldn't fix it right now)

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