FAQ Section: Extensions

Usage Guides

How to import extensions - Taifun

Extension Collections

MIT BLE Extension Versions

More MIT Extensions

getaix.com - Jerin Jacob

@TimAI2 Most Used Extension List

The unofficial extensions directory by puravidaapps.com - Taifun

Extension Directory - Thunkable

Thunkable extensions announcement

All Rescued Extensions from Thunkable Classic Community - Gordon_Lu

All Rescued Extensions From AppyBuilder Community - Salman_Dev

Extension Construction

How to create an Extension - HAL

Extension Template Repository - ewpatton

Niotron Intro - Gordon Lu

Rush builder Intro - Shreyash

How to extension dev (env setup) - HIFI APPS

Extension Fixes
Extension Version Upgrade Problem Cleanup - Juan_Antonio

Missing Android Support Library fix - Recast tool - dora_paz, Kodular

Extension Forums
AI2 Extensions forum

Notable Extensions
Microsoft Emotion Recognizer

Microsoft Image Recognizer- Thunkable

Notification Extension - Qiang Wei

SMB Manager - Jörg Hüneburg

Extension Builder Graveyard

AppyBuilder online extensions builder IDE - Amerkashi (dead site as of May 2022)

Kodular online extension builder IDE - 522 error