Background tasks extension 2.0 A [Experimental]

An extension to create components, call functions or tasks in the background and when the app is alive with various features!

Extension version --> 2.0 A

Beta testers and helpers


Here are the documentation of all the available blocks. If you have found a mistake then let me know about it. :smile:

  • Creating a component


    Creates a component. No matter if the app is running in the background or the foreground. All you need to do is to specify the component source name and the name which will be used to invoke functions and do other stuff.

  • Creating a function


    Creates a function of the component ID specified. Specify the component ID and the values. To access the invoked result use the 'invoke:result' value to store it in a variable and then access it using the extra value block.

  • Calling a function


    Calls the created function using the function ID. Make sure the function of the specified ID is created before using this block.

  • Call a function multiple times


    Block to call a function specified number of times with the interval between each calls. Make sure the function of the specified ID is created before using this block.

  • Making a delay


    Does a delay in Milli seconds. You can use this block between functions and task. This will not effect the UI of the application.

  • Making value from code or text

    This block helps you make value from invoke result, do things. The value from it will be executed at the invoke function.

  • Resolve activity


    Its strongly recommend to use this block. Mostly on Chinese devices which requires additional permission to run tasks in the background.

  • Finish task


    This block which will report the Android system that the service and tasks are completed. Gives advantage by saving the system’s resources.

  • Start the service


    Starts the service with the given service ID. The instant is the time which you can from clock component. The services will be executed one after the other and not at once.

  • Cancel the service


    Cancels the service by the given service ID.


This extension was made possible for other platforms by Rush:

Open source


The extension is free for everyone to use.
Extension must not be redistributed in other communities.

Other versions

1.0 - First version
[Google drive - BackgroundTasks]

1.1 Version
Google drive: Background-Tasks.aix

Version 1.2

Background Tasks 1.2 (382.9 KB)
Google drive: Background Tasks 1.2
Extension for others supportive:

Its recommended to use the old version for UI related things.

Extension specially for AppInventor: com.kumaraswamy.tasks.aix (385.5 KB)

Extension for others supportive: Kodular community

About extension

If you've found any bugs, issues or something wrong in this post then lemme know about it. Suggestions and improvements are appreciated :wink:

Kumaraswamy B.G


Now I can use best extension in my app rather than a paid one :slightly_smiling_face: thank you for the extension may god bless u :cat::heartbeat:


@kumarswamy Best Extension for till now


Can you tell me one thing (kodular)

Can I run My Exoplayer in background exoplayer stops after some min

You should be able to run any components which don't refuse to start in the background. I will confirm it because my extension works everywhere except kodular (I am not sure why it's like this).

Post: my extension doesn't support Kodular since there are some issues related to services.

No, you need a Foreground service for this as this has to do with Doze mode and has nothing to do with a Background service / task.


See also here:




Rush may solved or edit Manifest?) :+1:

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Hello Xoma, will this extension work in Kodular?

He already answered it...

The extension is innocent and now anybody can feel free to use it :slightly_smiling_face: without any problems. The extension will receive regular updates and more features.

@Moderators please delete all the off-topic replies :slightly_smiling_face: to avoid creating mess or hate replies.


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May change this icon to another,? thank


@Chudesa_Bojii Yes you can change it but not for now at least the next version would support various things and customizable features :grinning:


This is very interesting.

Could you also post the .aia export file for your sample, to help connect
the three component blocks you refer to

  • NotificationStyle
  • TinyDB1
  • Notifier1
    to the app's Designer components?
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BackgrounThings.aia (359.1 KB)

Here is the test AIA file. I have tested my extension on Android 9.1 and Android 10. Please let me know if you face any issues :slightly_smiling_face:. And I don't understand what your saying in the last line?


Cool extension! Thanks for the aia :slight_smile:


I have also tested it in Android 11 too, and it works just fine :)


Finally :sunglasses: now my app run in background amazing :blush: thank you very much :slight_smile:

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