Launch an application from AppInventor

I designed an application for my car.
I need to launch the application of the rear camera car when I switch on the rear lights and return to my appinventor application when rear lights are switch off.
I'm searching with notifier but I didn't find how.
Thanks for your help.

From what I understand, you can use this extension here.

You will need the package name of the other app.

You may be able to use an ActivityStarter,

There is an example of a technique you might be able to use in Using the Activity Starter

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Thanks Gordon_Lu
The call of rear camera car from my application woks fine when rear lights are switch on.
But my application doesn't display again when rear lights are switch off.
I get data from serial link from Arduino.
How to data when my application is in background ?

@Christophe_Armand christophe perhaps this link will help: background extension

@Wes_Savage, the link you provided has paid or incompleted extensions. This is a free one.


@Gordon_Lu nice! I dint read deep into it Gordon .. apologies for that. I just figured it was a good place to start. Thank you much for this lead / extension

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@Gordon_Lu the extension seems very cool but I don't understand how to use it for my project.
Which block using to activate the application when rear lights are switching off ?
The signal is recovered with a serial link.
Thanks for your help

I found a similar example for the paid version of a similar extension. Maybe you can take a look at it.

The extension you've been pointed to should be used to run tasks in the background. You'll have to use Arduino (a camera/LDR, I suppose) in conjunction with App Inventor to watch over the car lights.

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I use Arduino to get the signal of rear lights and I use a wifi camera. I develop my own AppInventor application for a lot of features.
When the signal is switching ON I want to display the camera application at the top.
When the signal is switching OFF I want to display my application at the top.

I think you'll have to use a Bluetooth module (such as HC-05). Juan Antonio has a very good tutorial on integrating HC-05 with your app:

I choose to connect with serial and not BT because I use BT for media.

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Can you help me please to set up the task ?
I get the signal of rear light from serial connection and with a clock.
If the value equals 1 (switch on lights) I launch the application for camera com.zeng.wifiavhd else I want to put my application at the top on the page "consos".
Thanks for your help.