Medication Reminder

I am developing a mobile application for medication reminder. It also need to alert the user when they reached minimum pills quantity. For that i need to log the medicine usage per day. So i am looking for the application background run. Kindly help me with this please.
Many thanks in advance.

Links for previous discussions about apps providing a medication reminder Search results for 'medication reminder' - MIT App Inventor Community might help you.

App Inventor does not have the ability to create an app that runs in the Background using only App Inventor Blocks. Developers need to use an extension like this one Background Tasks extension [3.8 A] 🥳 .

First design the medical reminder app; then see if you can adapt your app to 'run in the background' using an extension.

Will it work? Only if you code the app using the advice provided in the extension links. Be aware, there is not any tutorial showing exactly how to do this for your app idea.

Possibly someone will provide some specific advice. You might share with the community what you have already done without running in the background. Anyone providing specific advice to design your app to run in the background would need that information.

Good luck.

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Alarm extension by @Taifun:

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Thank you so much for your suggestions. i will work it out and let you know if it works or not.

See again my previous answe to your question here


Dear expert,
Greetings of the day!
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We are developing the medication reminder application for senior citizens.
The main goal is

To remind the user on time to take a medicine,
Remind the user to refill the medicine, if the medicine counts will reach the minimum quantity.
For this first point, we are getting the medicine name, dosage value, and frequency value and allowing a user to set a reminder time (Alarm- taifun alarm extension) according to the frequency value. We are able to do them without any risk. but we also need to allow the user to modify or delete the medication as well. but we could not delete or modify any set alarms directly - we need your support in it.

For the second point, we are blind, actually, we need to monitor the medicine usage periodically, but MIT background service we don't know. also, it will reduce as per the dosage value and frequency per day. For example, if the actual quantity entered by the user is 100, and the minimum quantity is 10, that means the 100 should be decremented regularly as per the medication details (dosage -1, frequency -3 -- so per day 4 medicines could be reduced from the 100.), we need to notify the user once it reaches 10 or less than.

This one we are going to submit for academic purposes. please help me to figure out the solution as per the requirements. Many thanks in advance.

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