How can I have my app read the phone orientation in the background

I have been trying to get my app to work in the background to read the phone's orientation when the app is not opened. I have tried using background extension , but every time I try downloading the apk it says "app not installed as package appears to be invalid." It was also just really confusing to use.


The correct extension to use would be

Unfortunately you forgot to provide a screenshot of your relevant blocks

Also what exactly are you trying to do after an orientation change?


I'm trying to get the screen to dim the screen as it moves. I need it to monitor the orientation in the foreground when I'm doing anything else.

Does it work like this while your app is up and running?

Read the complete thread, see my previous answer and try the several examples you can find there to learn how to work with the extension

Then try to put some blocks together using the extension for your task

And if you got stuck, then ask in the itoo thread and provide a screenshot of what you tried there


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