How do you make an app always running?

I need it to always run so it can send notifications, also so they can leave the app and timer still counts down. Is it possible?

How about trying a community search for "Background Tasks", or better "Foreground Tasks". There is a paid extension by Atom Developer that will help you do what you want, otherwise, unless you always keep you app in the foreground, it is not currently possible with AI2 native components.

there are no free options?

To do this, you will need a → background service and a → foreground service (since the background service does not prevent the app from falling into Doze mode).

Free? Sure. You probably do not need an extension.

use a Stay Awake block routine using a Notifier

or you use Taifun’s Tools Extension:

Be aware using either an extension or a block routine drains your device battery rapidly . These work around methods are not running the app in the Background, they force the app screen to stay open.

This will allow your app to run more or less continuously

This is not a soultion or workaround for several reasons ...

Helped me also in my project. Great!!
Anke, thanks a lot for the hint.

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