Extension with Rush. Keep the app running. Doze mode. Service. Notification. Source code

file "servicio.aia" è Free?

File servicio.aia is free.

This extension is free : com.kio4.servicio.aix

Extension com.kio4.servicio.aix is free.

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Hi Sorry, I would like to inform you that I have tried your .aia file, of this excellent extension, but everything works fine until I put the phone in the dark in suspension.

In fact, when I send a number randomly, the first time it is read remotely, regularly even with the app minimized and the mobile phone suspended, but the second time the number is no longer read remotely.

While, if I don't minimize the App, and put it on hold, everything is going well.

To me, it would be useful for it not only to be able to receive all the numbers that I send randomly but also for the summary to read them, even when the app is minimized, and the mobile phone in suspension.
It's possible? Because currently as I wrote it does not.

I am using two "Huawey p8 lite" phones

Hello @Angelo_D, I only tried this extension on Android 9, I put the source code in case someone wants to improve it. Thanks for trying it out.
Other extensions of this type:
Backgroung Task extension by @Kumaraswamy
or Ullis Roboter Seite/AI2 Keep Alive

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I tried it on a Galaxy Note8 (Android 9) and a Pixel 2XL (Android 11). The Pixel 2X was the transmitter.

The Note8 is particularly sensitive to Doze mode.
It works perfectly (even after 30 minutes in idle mode). I have 18 test devices running Android 4.x - 12. I will test it on other devices later. But I'm pretty sure it will work there too, though, because the critical device for Doze has always been the Galaxy Note8 and the Galaxy S8 (both Android 9).

I also have a Huawei P20 lite that I have to charge first. I'll test that later...

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Works perfectly!
And even without a Foreground service.

You can always surprise us.


As expected, it also works great on my Huawei P20 lite (after putting it in idle mode 20 minutes ago).

So tell us which devices and Android versions.
And are you absolutely sure you have turned off battery optimization?

It also works on a Pixel 4XL (Android 12).
I don't think it is necessary to do further tests.

Yes I have performed the battery optimization elimination.
But it still does not work, indicates only one number, ignoring subsequent ones.

This, with the app, minimized, and suspended display.

Everything else works great. Nice problem.

Just sending a repeated beep and a notification would be enough, even without a speaker reading the numbers.
In short, as is the case with any Android component: Email-Whatsapp-Messages.

As I already said, which device & Android version?

Huawei p8 lite - Android 6

You mentioned two devices. And the other? I no longer have a test device with Android 6.

Huawei p8 Lite e Huawei p8 Lite

Since I don't have a test device with Android 6 (and there shouldn't be many of those left), I can't verify it. But it works on everyone else.

You have been very kind thank you all the same I hope sooner or later if I can understand the problem

Try it on any other device (Android version).
My attempts have all been successful.

I would be really interested to know if this is really a general problem with Android 6.

Please check on Android 6
So if anyone out there has two test devices where at least one is still an Android 6 device, please check with the APK where the Android 6 device needs to be the receiver (i.e. the Android 6 device is the one in idle mode).

So I explain every detail:

  1. I have two Androdi 6 mobile phones, on Hawey p8 lite
  2. I installed and started the app on both phones
  3. An app, I first disconnected the battery check, the request appeared: Do you want to allow the app service to remain active in the Background? It may affect battery consumption. I answered yes, then I did the sending test, pressing the "Send Random Number" button with the app still on the screen, on the other mobile phone and everything worked, the number was read.
    I minimized the App, but without suspending the phone, and everything worked.
    I suspended the phone and only the first number was read, the following ones were not.

I did the reverse test:

  1. I closed the apps and restarted them
  2. I did not press on battery consumption, I carried out the same operations and the result was the same.