Making a background app to rickroll people

Hi, I'm new to this place. Can anyone help me to make an app that runs in the background and at random times of the day plays a rickroll .mp3 that is built into the app? I have an extension that is already built into the app. link: Background Tasks extension [3.8 A] 🥳
It also has to start up in the background on phone startup. Sorry as this seems to be a very hard problem!
any help is gratefully accepted thankyou in advance!

What does this mean? 2-3 times a day, 100 times, 1 time per hour, ...?
Or should the sound only be played once a day, but at a random time during the day?

By the way, I would never install such an app as it would just annoy me not even knowing when (and how often) the sound is played.


As above, who in their right mind would install such an app ?

The Background Tasks Extension 3.8 is now obsolete/defunct do not use it.

Try this instead : iToo

Read the entire topic to learn how to use it....

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Try the alarmmanager extension and its autostart feature


It means 2-3 times a day at a random time. i know no-one would want to install such an app, but the idea is if you want to prank a friend you can install it on their device if you get their phone with their permission, but not telling them that you are installing this app

Although that concept might cause some legality issues. Another way you could go about it would be to make a "Prank War" application that could allow such kind of actions to be setup and performed to other app users on your apps friends list.

Depending on friend level which could be gained over time you can allow for certain actions that are more a nuisance. Of course you would probably want to add a silence feature for friends under a certain level that just waits until the next time the phone is unlocked kind of thing. Just incase someone is doing something very important in that moment.

Thats a good idea! How would I implement that into my app?

Would depend on how you structure your app and how you want to handle the data. You will want to determine how you want to store these lists of information. Usually a database of sorts will be your end goal but you could simply start with using a spreadsheet saved in a cloud for functional testing purposes with you and your friends.

  • Create a table for users
  • Create another table call friends that would have two columns that reference the ID pairing of two friends and maybe another column for friendship level.
    *Create another table to track the pranks.
  • Modify your application to search the pranks for any that are for them. Have it save that data to their device for offline mode.
    *Apply the prank based on whatever requirements you decide you want to implement.

There are many ways to achieve what you are looking for. I recommend to write out everything you want to do and then try to break it into smaller tasks. Focus on getting the functionality working and understand why and what is going on before you try to optimize your code or focus on graphical appeal for now.

Sorry I understand what you mean, but as I am new here I don't quite have the technical skills yet. The idea is that if you can get your friend's phone, turn on Nearby Share and get the .apk, then it will run in the background and if they try to find it it will just look like the google app.

What do you mean by 'legality issues'? I don't see why it would be illegal.

Installing something on a device that you do not own without the owners consent can be a crime depending on where you live. It could be construed under the category of Malicious software.

When it comes to understanding the technology and concepts required to develop what ever application you want comes with time and practice (Start with smaller programs first). This is a good program to make, but I think you might want to think of a more effective way to distribute the app.

The whole point is to rickroll your friend as a prank. Why not write this rickroll as apart of a Tamagotchi style game and get them to download it as a beta tester for you. Have the prank built into the game as a random function that happens. (maybe put a disclaimer that the game may include sounds)

Yes, it is. Rickrolling people over and over again without their consent can be considered harassment, and you could get into serious trouble. Do something more meaningful.


What countries would this app get in trouble with?

I'm not a lawyer, but I think most countries wouldn't tolerate this. Besides, it's unethical to annoy people when they don't want it.

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