Some basics on Android storage system

Thank you, but i'm curious about the AI2 team plan to implement it, not the deadline, but never mind, i'm starting to prepare my apps for this change.
One more question.

The ASD can only be accessed by your app and is automatically removed when the app is uninstalled.

What about reinstall without uninstall? Logically it is stays in case of app update, but i ask to be sure.

Yes, but how about trying it yourself?

That maybe, but Apps that circumvent the new security measures will be rejected for distribution via Google Play Store.

I don't have android 11 so I can't really get to know all the new limitations and features. But I think if there are still file manager applications in the Play Store, it will be possible. Unless all file manager applications are gone?

How do you access these filepaths on your android?

See e.g. here:

I use AndExplorer on my Android 11 device, see and actions everything it did back on Android 7, just can't access some files in the ASDs of compiled apps from my memory.

I understand. Can this file explorer move files, folders, rename, edit text files?

Yes, it does use the default text editor though.

I think the question here should be, how to save and access files from the (AI2) app when AI2 is targeting API 30 (targetSdkVersion = 30).


Before the update we used to use the following paths:

  1. Companion: file:///mnt/sdcard/AppInventor/assets/
  2. APK: file:///android_asset/
    Now, what paths do we need to use? I actually did not understand much. So if anybody could help....
    I need to use those paths to show a HTML File that's already uploaded in the app inventor


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I've added a full overview of the Android storage system - Scoped / Shared Storage (targetSdk=30, Aug 2021) - at the end of my guide.


I have added another detail to my overview (top right, see pink box) and thus completed the overview.
( I hope. :wink:)

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@Anke may I know how did you made this Flow chat , I mean which website are you using to make this flowchart

You can use


Thank you Anke.This chart and information are perfect and very useful...

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I made it (the adaptations) with →


Really, you have perfectly depicted the storage components and their relationship, thanks @Anke

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Hi Anke, Mny thks to come back to his issue.
As i was able to save and not read, i suspected something like that. But your synoptic(overview) is crystal clear !
Have a nice WE

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