Save a video to a named phone directory

Is it possible to choose which directory a saved video will go to ?


How do I save a video and get it to an external database ?

These blocks take the saved video and copy it to the ASD

Screen1. designer Filescope set to Legacy

Taifun's File Extension used to convert the contentUri to a file path

You know how to upload a file (as Blob) to a mySql database......

Be aware that the camcorder appears to record at 1mb per second, so file sizes will be quite big for longer videos.

Great. I have a web page set up to insert videos to the database so it's likely then I could use the webviewer block and that URL to grab the video from the phone. Yes .. ?

use the webviewer block to the URL and

You will need to use an extension to give your web page access to files on your phone:


A question for this situation. When "grabbing" a video from the phone using an external web page, who's broadband is being used ? The external hosting broadband or the phone ?