[REBORN !] TableView Extension Versions 3&4 (pre nb191) and 5 by @Ken

as the Appybuilder community has been closed, all extensions published there are lost... except of those, who are still available at web.archive.org

By accident I found version 3 of the tableview extension on my computer, so I guess it would be ok, if I upload it here into this thread... @Ken meanwhile agreed to provide his extension here. Thank you @Ken.

com.kennicholsandroid.TableView.aix (19.4 KB)
TableView_v3.aia (21.5 KB)


Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by icon24 Taifun.


I tested this extension and it seems it is not V3 but V2, as there is no delimiter option. Anyone got the same? image

V3 is actually in the aia, you have to extract it or re-write the aia to work the way you want it.

However, to help you, here is the V3 extension
com.kennicholsandroid.TableView.aix (19.2 KB)

I have just tested, and the aix link above provided by Taifun is version 3.




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I must have chosen the wrong aix file. Now with the new file I downloaded, it worked. Thank you for your help on this. Appreciated.

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I want to comment on this wonderful extension because I do not think it is getting proper recognition. This is very useful. It is the way to display row and column text data for all configurations of cell phone screens.

I spent 12 days @ maybe 10 hrs a day trying various ways to create a text data display table (I have a slow connection). Wasted many hours with HTML. What appears should be an easy task is not easy because when you change screen size and screen fonts in phone settings, most tables simply either go off screen or become ridiculously small.

This wonderful extension handles all sizes of screen density with ease. This is simply brilliant and I wish my searching would have found it much sooner. I spent half my time reading and searching. I passed by this about 3 times before I realized it might be what I needed.

The only criticism I have is that the "header" is not a header! This header will go off screen when you scroll which means it is not a header. To accomplish a true header I used two TableViews with the header table only having one row.



Good idea, how can I set the header cells width according to table cells ? can you show your blocks ?

Patel I found you can use spaces in the text of the header. It is not the best method since text spaces vary with font size and in your case shown here it would be many spaces causing much variance. :frowning:

For me it was only a few spaces and it happened to work out for both extremes of screen size. I would be happy to show the blocks but they just wont help in this example. Perhaps you could use ascii 160 or other padding?

Ascii 32 is a "space" in common text and its width, but not height, vary with changes in font size. Ascii 160 appears as a space on screen in most software but its width remains consistent with font width.

In HTML it is called a "sticky" header and you must use extensive CSS to make it stick. The CSS stops sticking as soon as you "pinch" expand or shrink screen size so the CSS is useless on anything but PC. For me it is not logical to call a header that does not "stick" a header! If it does not head the page then its not a header right?

For you Patel I can only suggest padding such as extra text characters.For Instance: instead of "USER" maybe "Name:Last, Middle, First" might work? I got lucky with mine since each column (except the left most one) were narrow and the differences in display were minute.

Where is Ken? Maybe it would be nice to have a version 4? I read endless internet queries from people wanting a TableView like this with a true header. The searching for a HeaderBar is very much needed.

Hope this helps and let me know if I can help further

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There is a version 4 that provides for a separate 'sticky' header, but @Ken did not publicly release it.

OH? thats real interesting TIM ... seems the highway of thought is being traveled. Is it possible to ask Ken and experiment with v4?

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We will have to wait and see...

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OK, I am still a newbie. Only just began learning this method of building software first week of December and am well advanced now. I appreciate your help (several times now) TIM. I figured out how to message Ken and did so. I am replying here because I am unable to message you directly.

My next tackle is to make uk.co.metricrat.chartmakerplusv3k1.aix work. I tinkered but no luck so far. This next week I will be working on making it happen.

Thanks again

I solved using a vertical arrangement with 40 pixel height and entire table (not only first line), but the problem is the horizontal scroll

Is this what you are looking for?


Yes, this is what I'm looking for.

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Since multiple people are asking for v4, I'll upload it here:

com.kennicholsandroid.TableView (2).aix (24.1 KB)

TableView_v4.aia (24.4 KB)

.aia with Horizontal Scroll:
TableView_v4_HS.aia (24.4 KB)


Hi Ken, thanks for sharing version 4, I tested your TableView_v4_HS, horizontal scroll runs well, but table columns were aligned to header columns, I need the opposite, test please this block

Try this


Thank you dora, i'm confused, I did not see this possibility.

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You may also need a clock timer when aligning columns...


I think you are right, why ? How can I do?