TinyDB with buttons

I mean can I separate the columns by names for example? And would I get all the data that has made that name?

Yes of course you can do that.

I though that putting in "Text" the text of the label of test it would work, but I guess I have to build a list with /n Carles /n Comas... no?

It depends on how you want to arrange the table/spreadsheet




Like : Carles,TL,T2,T3,F,A,R

Yep - you can actually build a Table in your App with Ken's extension:

And in name of the file, what I have to put?

Right - you are building the table in a way I didn't expect :grimacing:

The Whole Chart would look like:

Player, TL,T2,T3,F,A,R\n <-- Title Row

Name,val,val,val,val,val,val\n <-- Data from TinyDb
Name,val,val,val,val,val,val\n <-- Data from TinyDb
Name,val,val,val,val,val,val\n <-- Data from TinyDb
Name,val,val,val,val,val,val\n <-- Data from TinyDb
Name,val,val,val,val,val,val\n <-- Data from TinyDb

The file (.csv) needs to initially be saved in the ASD (App Specific Folder) - go to the Tutorial and Guides forum to see how to set that.

A Table example

So in name I write "Name" and only five or the name of each player? I feel so dumb but I don't understand nothing, neither how nor where to put the table hahah

That's up to you - is the Table specifically most recent Match Data or is it Season-so-far Data that you want in your Table.

Here is an example Football League Table

LeagueTableSorted_Pts_Gd.aia (27.4 KB)

It is

I've looked the table but thats not that I want. What I want is that all the data that comes out in the test label is saved and I can download it in .csv to later make the tables in excel.

Can it be like this or not?
When I put this in excel, I can only see the names but not the data

That's because you have not retrieved the data from TinyDB_STATS nor pre-processed it (added-up all the TL, T2, T3 etc values per player.) Your output should be only from the TinyDb records, you should not 'hard code' player names.

Also, I see you are only exporting a Match? Before you were interested in 'Season-so-far'.

My bad, translator confused me. The idea is do match by match and aggrupe them in a excel

And how can I do that an also watch the time I pressed the button?

The 'test' button that prints the stats on-screen - that code is how you extract the data.

That would be much easier to do in code before sending to Excel than performing the task in Excel.

That needs a better description, I don't understand :thinking:

But I don't know how, and in excel yes.

Wgen I press a button, for example TL YES, in test label it puts the time that I pressed the buttons, so I want to know how pass all the data (and also the time) to the excel. Because now I can put the label test in the excel, but not in columns.