Recording and Saving ECG Sensor Data from Bluetooth Low Energy Arduino


I am working on an ECG Heart Sensor application project and was wondering how to record the data sent to the app through Bluetooth Low Energy, for 30 seconds, then save this data to device in a file to device. As well as a history button to show previous recordings saved to device.

I have created a timer for 30 seconds and a graph to show data from Bluetooth Low Energy, shown in the blocks attached.

Also a plus if the file is then able to be opened and viewed on a line graph on the app.


I don't see any use of BLE expansion in your blocks. You need this extension for your app to work.

Thanks for getting back to me. I have changed from BLE and am now using Classic Bluetooth. Do you know if there is a way to record the ECG data for 30 seconds and then save the values to the device, also being able to open and view these readings?

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When you start recording, save the current Clock1.Systemtime as your TinyDB tag for this time series, and start an empty list for its values.

Each clock Timer cycle, test if 30 seconds has passed, adding the current reading to the list in TinyDB.

Thanks for your reply. Which blocks would be needed for the recording, can it be made to record when a button is clicked? And would the timer be a 30 - 1000ms clock, or is there a better way to do this?

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What is your ECG sensor? What will send values ​​from the sensor to the application? Esp32? Arduino?

The values are sent using serial.println() from Arduino Nano ESP32, through HC-06 Bluetooth Transceiver, and the ECG sensor is the AD8232 ECG chip.

Look here:

I'm using esp here and sending the data directly to the Chart component. A chart is created and any received data is stored in the Chart component and can be retrieved using the GetAllEntries block.


That's the guide I was initially using, its very helpful thank you for publishing it. I am able to get the data displayed on the application, however, I also want the data from the bluetooth from RecieveSigned1ByteNumber to be stored when a button is pressed and I'm not sure which blocks to use for this.

Would it be possible to have data from RecieveSigned1ByteNumber to be uploaded to cloudDB to be opened and viewed as a graph?

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The application can detect itself whether any data is sent from Arduino. You can make the application wait for data after starting, the graph can be hidden, etc. Using the button in Arduino, you enable sending data to the application, and the application detects that data is coming and then shows the graph.

Thanks for your continued help.

I am able to display and view the data from the Arduino. However, what I want to do is record and save this data, and be able to open the saved data as a line graph to view the ECG reading, is this doable, if so, do you know which blocks are used for it?

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