FAQ Section: App Inventor Issues

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CloudDB Timeouts 11/28/2022 (resolved)

Is AI2 slow because it is busy?

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nb190 BlueTooth Client Upgrade Strategy error message needs permissions - Juan_Antonio, Anke

nb190 BLE scan needs permission ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION - ChrisWard

Nb189 New procedures don’t appear in procedures pallete until after reload
nb189 fix for above

nb188 - Attempt to invoke virtual method void
androidx.cardview.widget.CardView.set BackgroundColor(int) on a null object reference

nb187 - Listview filter keeps crashing(nb187 bug)

nb187 - Canvas SaveAs doesn't save

nb187 - Saving a file with a space in the name

nb187 - The blocks area did not load properly (missing helper block)

nb187 - File1.LegacyMode block stopped working

nb187 - CloudDB 908 error about WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission being needed

nb187 - No upgrade strategy exists for PasswordTextBox from version 4 to 5

nb185 - blocks are missing - ewpatton

nb184 - Mystery Media Files, duplicate projects

nb184 - Android 10 Can't Read/Write files - ewpatton

nb184 - and/or block operator ghostly apparition

nb184 - error 'class not found exception' the class is android support v4

nb183 - Feeding text blocks to math & (select item from list) block corrupts Blocks Editor loads - EWPatton

nb183 - ListView selection color is highlighting every 5th item in list

(fixed nb183c) nb183 - error message "no method named Column in class edu.mit.appinventor"

(FIXED nb183b) nb183a - Can't delete images from Media folder in Designer

nb183 - Back Button problems

[FIXED nb178b] nb178 Blocks Palette errors

[FIXED nb178b] nb178 Cannot read property 'pb' of undefined error

[FIXED nb178b] nb178 Lost from Blocks Palette: break/bitwise, but can typeblock

[FIXED nb178b] nb178 procedures lose their parameters - SteveJG

Accelerometer/Orientation Sensor/Pedometer crash

AI1 Conversion Tool and Shutdown Notice

AI2 Issues List

ai2.appinventor.mit.edu build problems 9/21/2018 - E Patton @ MIT

apk crashes immediately, after nb165 Themes build

App Inventor Other Versions - Taifun

BackPack poisoned by references to removed extension

Build Error 500 8/7/2018

Build Failed - server error: Extension removal corrupts project if not first done in Screen2 etc.

Can't delete components

Chrome cleanup tool

Chrome Won't Download Exported .aia Files

December 2018 changes - MIT

Excessively long text in text blocks breaks project build

Google Voice stopped working

http://code.appinventor.mit.edu/ - avoids some AI2 app Engine size limits - J Schiller

Huawei P9 Lite with Android 6.0 Companion Connection Problems when installed on SD Card

nb176 Build -> QR Code does not transfer to the device. It just pops us an internet browser..

nb176 interface component: Switch => App Crash

nb176 Why App Inventor is mixing three different languages in the blocks interface?

nb178 Speech Recognizer After Getting Text error

nb178 WebViewer Appearance - Android Pie

Null Characters in text blocks break projects

release notes

Server Is temporarily Unavailable - Akshay