Can't delete pictures from media

Because my app is too big I am not able to export it. When I want to delete a picture from the media it just shows the error message: “An internal error has occurred. Report a bug?” and when I click on the message, it just sends me to the report a bug webside. How do I delete the pictures now? Is there another way to make the app smaller?

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I believe this is a bug with nb183a. I see a similar response.

MIT will eventually fix this but because of the holiday, this might take a while.


I have the same issue. I can’t delete anything from the media.

You are correct. A bug was introduced with nb183a that makes it impossible to delete Media items without using a work around. This procedure will allow you to delete from Assets

until a developer is able to fix the problem.

(added to FAQ)

We have released nb183b to fix this problem.

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