App inventor not secure anymore?

Strange things are happening to app inventor after the new release!!
After the new release i am facing strange things in app inventor :

  1. Files with weird names : few days after the new release of app inventor i found a file with name "about:blank" which appeared itself
    due to this file i was unable to build my app
    i deleted it ; now after many days i find one new file just like the one mentioned above with name "clear cache " , it was a .gif file
    it appeared all by itself
    2.This is what I found when I logged-in today. How did this occur?

We all know that we can not have a project with the same name as an existing name but what i saw is :
All the projects are 2 times in the app inventor with same name :roll_eyes:
This picture will clear all doubts :

What is happening!!

here in the picture we can see under date created & modified that It was done at night at 11:00 pm
So all was done overnight

Can you tell the operating system you are using and the browser name and version? We have more reports about this and Developers are looking into this. Your info can help them solve the problem.

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Windows 8 :
Windows 8.1 Single language
Browser : Chrome
Version : Version 84.0.4147.105 (Official Build) (64-bit)

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Hi @Shobha_Singhal,

Would it be okay if we access your account data to do some further analysis?

hi @ewpatton
What kind of data

Every project and every file associated with a project has ownership information that we track. We can look and see if the system thinks these files are owned by you or owned by someone else.

Why does it shows this even i haven't opened it anywhere else?? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

So you meant my all project files?

if so , then you have my permission to see my project files

I think in my opinion app inventor is the best in comparing to all other platforms that took the main idea and the codes from and tweaked it for their own purposes , even though last time I checked my build size on the older version of app inventor was less in around mmm 200 ~ 500 kb

I don't know if they added somethings or because of the api 29 , but all in all app inventor is the best just like C++ is the mother of all other programming languages.

i agree with you but i never was saying that app inventor is not good / best
It is easy to use & its community is very much supportive with quick replies
but it is important to report the issues so that MIT can improve it
if i don't report it then i would have never known if i am the only one facing it or there are many others too
I see many people now reporting the same issue & once people have started reporting , MIT is working on it & it knows it better than it would have been before :upside_down_face:

Could someone have logged in (or hacked) into your account?

Thanks for your response @Point
You caught my words!
Even i wanted to ask this from MIT App inventor from this post

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In the media box I also noticed a clear.cache GIF, it was created wen I built my .apk for a phone. I thought it was part of App Inventor's procedures to interact with my phones memory.

Hello Don
That would be C rather than C++ but the first practical high-level language was Fortran. The first programming I did was with punched cards!


yes , then you must delete that
MIT says it is due to the new drag - drop feature
It caused me a problem but later @ewpatton told that it was due to a file named : about:blank

This issue should be fixed by version nb184a. The drag-drop area now only covers the appropriate region of the Designer area.

Yes, FORTRAN, The Greatest of the Programming Languages