ListView selection color is highlighting every 5th item in list

When selecting an item from ListView, every 5th item down the list is also being highlighted.

Note: List is a little over 200 items long.

Yes, I can confirm that behaviour. Nice bug! The gap between “selections” seems to be dependent on the height of the listview. In test if listview is set to fill parent the gap between highlighted selections is 12 on my emulator, if set to 300 px high then the gap is 6. Affects both sizings and themes. The listview selection (the item touched) is returned correctly in listview.selection. Also happens if selection is set in the designer.

@codo this is probably related to the recent update where changes were made to allow programmatic selection in the listview…

Thanks! Perhaps a temporary workaround for better user experience is to temporarily not have a selection color… or to have the listView reset soon after selecting so that users don’t see the repeat.

See also this thread on the old forum for ideas!searchin/mitappinventortest/timai2$20listview$20color|sort:date/mitappinventortest/Kt75jt6svVk/wc3lDcdwEQAJ

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I thought this was fixed ? I recently re-compiled an old app (which was previously built before n183, there no highlighting bug) only to find I now had the highlighting bug in a long listview.

Still assigned to @ewpatton


Any news on this ?

In n184 this error continues...

I found out that the patch has not yet been implemented.

@elatoskinas any work being done with this ?

Yes here: