Extension: Modified Notification Style to support Android 12 and above

Modified version of Notification Style Extension By @Jarlissonlira2, adds support for Android >= 12
Refer to the original topic for documentation:

Fork of the extension: github.com/XomaDev/NotificationStyleAIX
License (MIT) and modified sources (rush): rush-compatible/notification-style

New permission blocks for Android Tiramisu (for >= 33).

Make sure to ask the permission if the API level is 33 and above.
Or the notifications wont appear.

NotificatioStyle_MIT.aia (60.1 KB)

(android 13)

Old versions

V1 com.jdl.NotificationStyle.aix (32.7 KB)

V2 com.jdl.NotificationStyle.aix (32.2 KB)


the request NOTIFICATION PERMISSION does not appear on android 13

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Yes, because App Inventor targets SDK31

Make sure to ask the permission if the API level is 33 and above.
Or the notifications wont appear.


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how to open app settings so that the user manually allows notifications?

Unable to change icon of the notification. Set it from assets, 48x48 png file, but icon does not change. Please, help

Hi, can you please show me your blocks?

I set it on the Designer page, not with blocks.

And what happens, if you set it via blocks?

Understood. It because I'm using these notifications inside of background procedure with Itoo extension. If I define an icon inside this procedure, it works.

Hi everyone,
I repeat my post already posted in the original thread now closed.
With AppInventor I created a streaming player application for my Radio (and TV).
I'm updating the application with new features and I wanted to replace the current notification code with this extension, which works fine, but doesn't communicate properly metadata (image, artist/title, lyrics...) to connected bluetooth devices (headphones, cars, etc. ..); and it doesn't even communicate commands from buttons.
The reason for the metadata is that live streaming doesn't have a fixed duration like a music file, and therefore you need to set this because android needs to know about it. Without this information, the notification system does not communicate metadata correctly with the device.
If you could fix this by inserting a block that allows you to specify the duration of the streamed content, (typically indeterminate live stream has duration -1 ) and thus fix the bug, I'd like to use that for my update.
Thank you.

p.s. Thanks to Patryk_F for the hint below; that is the extension that I am currently using, but that lacks some possibilities, some of which I have personally corrected by writing and rewriting part of the code (such as the update for Android 12+), others it is very complex because, given the structure, you would have to rewrite all the code.

Both extensions are open source, so you can modify them for your purposes.

Of course, I thought they were useful suggestions for the whole community, to improve the extensions for everyone's benefit.
Whoever developed the extension knows the procedure better, and certainly takes less time than us who are "amateurs" of the code, to implement its functions.
Thank you for your answer.

Hi, I'm having trouble understanding what exactly you want to achieve.

As a note, this extension is not meant to be a "music streaming" extension, it just provides interfaces for notifications.

You are right, and it is precisely the notifications that I am talking about.
Among the options there is also the possibility to use it with various types of notifications such as music and audio, and if you use it for notifications involving a player playing streaming audio (not just audio files), it doesn't work well with devices connected in bluetooth for reasons that I have said.
I thought it was interesting for everyone to report it for any improvements, and I don't want to get it just for me.
I apologize if I have been misunderstood and if interested I could explain better.

Hey, Im talking about Android 11 to not make any confusion. I have created an Chat App with Firebase, but I have no idea how to make a notification when a message is received. Here's the .aia file :
App_Conversa.aia (182.6 KB)

Can someone help me pls?

Use the dataChanged event (if you are using the Firebase component) to trigger a notification.

Yeah, thanks a lot man!

Hello how to use these extension with background extension?

You can find several examples in the itioo thread


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This is a great extension, however I've found a pretty significant bug in it. If the screen is locked with a notification in the status bar, or if it gets a notification while the screen is locked, it is EXTREMELY difficult to unlock the screen. It takes at least 3 times of hitting the power button before the screen either stays on long enough to unlock it or it actually does anything when you swipe on the screen. Tested on 3 different phones (Android 11, 12 and 13) so it's not just a fluke.