How do you loop/reset notification permission using a button?


Using the notification extension here: Extension: Modified Notification Style to support Android 12 and above (Original here: [FREE] Notification Style: extension with various types of notification) for simple push notification.

How can I allow the user to reset the notification permission from a button click?

maybe you could call the notification using the procedure block. and call this procedure every time can you need to use the notification?

It only works one time but doesn't loop. Any other methods/corrections in my blocks?

why you use timer2 false inside the block timer?. what is the objective to make that?

I'm honestly just testing stuffs out to see what could work. Clock2 because I have Clock1 running a different process though I have tried this in a standalone notification program with only Clock1 and still get the same results.

I'm open to know what other suggestions you can provide to make it work or at least have different output.

but you see if you call the clock using the true and next using the false, this doesnt make sense. are you tried to erase the false timer enabled?