Doesnt build apk

when i try to save my build as an apk file t says server build fails.
what can i do to fix it?Gdod_Tavor.aia (2.4 MB)

I loaded it onto the server, and tried a build.

Even while loading, I sensed by the timing this is a big project.

You have almost two dozen screens.
That's over the normal limit.

You also have lots of Media files.
I deleted the .odf Media file, expecting it to be useless for AI2.

Here is the first screen with empty sockets:
(I stopped looking after this.)

Try to build again after each screen is spotless.

If that doesn't work, see

I examined your project in the Unchive tool

It found 3 Screen1 instances.

Using 7zip to browse your .aia file, I see .bky and .scm files in directories under 2 of your extensions.

did you do surgery on your .aia file or on one of its extensions?

Here you have a working one that also builds even if you lack a block as @ABG already mentioned..

Gdod_Tavor.aia (2.3 MB)

Cause, project in project (project installed as extension)

tnx, it's working!!!!