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I want to do an app that can register users and have a log in type of thing, how can I do it so it only can Log In when the username and password are correct?


clouddbuservalidation.aia (2.2 KB)
Check this out it will help you

This only handles registration of a new user, does not show how to login after registering or test password (which is stored in plain text)

Here is an example using google sheets to store login data
(this also does not encode/encrypt the password, but can easily be done)

If you want to login using Firebase Authentication, then perhaps see here:

Firebase with a Web Component

and here

I think this is the easiest and fastest way. He can add hashing to that and the method will be safer.

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never store a password in plain text in any database... always store its hash value and if you want to compare the entered password with the stored password just compare the hash values...

There is a fundamental difference between Hashing and Encryption algorithms, see this stackoverflow answer: Hashing is one way. You can not get your data/string from a hash code. Encryption is 2 way - you can decrypt again the encrypted string if you have the key with you.

to create a password hash, see my Tools Extension


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@TIMAI2 but I can understand @Taifun 's saying

He is concerned about security