The app wasn't installed

I have a Google Pixel 7a running Android 14. I made a simple testing app which runs fine, but when I try to install the .apk I get a message saying 'The app wasn't installed', I have allowed the installation from unknown sources.

What am I doing wrong?

How are you trying to install the apk ?

Is there any security alert during installation?

Thanks for the reply,
I open the 'Files' app, navigate to the .apk in the Downloads folder, click on it, it asks if I want to install it, I answer 'yes', it then warns me that the app may be unsafe, I select 'Install anyway' and then I get the message 'The app wasn’t installed'.

Try uninstalling a previous (old) app version beforehand.

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If that doesn't fix things, share the apk via Google Drive for others to test....

Here is a link to the .apk file. It will be interesting to find out if it is just me.
[Testing.apk](link removed)

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When you get the Play Protect dialog, press on on More details, scroll and it will say "Install Anyway"

Press on "Install Anyway"

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You are a STAR!. Thanks. So many options that I missed that one. :grinning:

(added to new apk install section of FAQ)

The question is rather why it happens (i.e. why "Unsafe app blocked" appears)?
Try this version, which is identical and just recompiled by me.

@cogiercogier (uninstall the previous app beforehand)

The mind of Google is beyond me.

Google has a mind ? Perhaps an AI one....

I feel the same. However, I suspect that Google is doing many things to further restrict our freedoms.

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I have installed 'your' version in the same way as before. The process was the same as before, and it works just fine, thanks. Now I need to create something a little more useful.

Hmm, I don't get the "Unsafe app blocked" message, but I can install my app (Testing_2.apk) directly on all my test devices.

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