Error d8 failed

Hola buenas tardes. Tengo el mismo problema. No se puede compilar el proyecto. Error d8 failed.
Es un error frecuente?

I have the same error (it's also a large project)
Compiling works on the test server.

Please read the previous posts. Everything necessary has already been said.

But Play Protect prevents it from installing in the mobile device.

Press on "Install Anyway"

I clicked on Install anyway
But the final message is "No se ha instalado la aplicación" (application not installed)

Uninstall the previous version. If you compiled your app on a test server, it was signed with a different key.

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Thanks a lot.
Uninstalling in the device the previous version of the app (compiled in the normal server), Now I can install the new version compiled in the test server.

I read in previous posts about the need to import your Keystore in the test server.
In my case, it was already there.
But now I understand that the .apk file carries some different key, depending on the server where the app has been compiled. Which prevents it from beeing installed in the same device, if the app compiled in a different server hasn't been uninstalled before. ¿Is that right?
(For a good communication, sometimes it's not enough that the sender says something. It's also required that the receiver is on the same background and level of expertise, and deciphers and understands the message)

I don't think so...the keys are always there...but different. On the main server you compile the apk signed with different keys, on the test server with different keys. Therefore, there is a conflict and you cannot update the app on your phone. You need to export the keys from the main server and import them to the test server so that the keys are the same on both servers.

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Just for my understanding.
Do you mean that (appart from your Keystore, which you export from the regular server and import on the test server), the server itself also signs the compiled app with its own key?
Or that the Keystore is not yours (belongs to the programmer), but it changes with the app beeing compiled?
O that it needs to be updated every time you create a new app?

Each AI2 account receives its own (unique) keystore. All apps created through this AI2 account are signed with the same keystore.

(Note: Signing is performed during compilation.)

i had the exact same problem but after some error compilating and changing the theme to random i could it worked (i had 10 000 blocks)

Thanks Anke.
That matches what I thought: That the Keystore identifies the programmer account.

Now I also know that I need to uninstall from the device the former app (compiled with the regular server), before installing the version compiled with the test server.
But I don't know why.

Have you imported the keystore from the main server to the test server?

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As I already explained, you need to import the keystore from your AI2 account into your AI2 test account.

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I believe I díd it years ago.
But I will do again to make sure, and let you know

If you haven't changed your AI2 account, it should work. However, you should be sure and not just believe it.

You both were right.
I just imported my Keystore in the test server, and now I can install in the device the app compiled in it (without need of uninstalling the one previously compiled in the regular server).
Mi mistake is I saw that I already had some projects on the test server, and thought I already imported it.

Now every thing is clear.
Thanks a lot.