How to: A Family Chat app built with the MIT CloudDB component

Family Chat is a chat app tutorial using the MIT CloudDB database component and the default Redis server at MIT. Family Chat lets developers connect several users in a live chat. Family Chat allows you and your family or friends to have a live chat provided all members of your circle have a copy of this app on their phone/tablets.


The app uses Responsive Sizing and designed on a Tablet.

You must test this on your Android device using Companion. CloudDB apps presently will not run in the stock emulator that comes with App Inventor 2. This is an Intermediate to advanced level Project. MIT component documentation is at CloudDB .

Here is an MIT tutorial for a simplified version

FamilyChat.pdf (733.5 KB)

familychatCloudDB.aia (47.9 KB)

I hope the App Inventor 2 Community finds this tutorial useful.

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