How do you make a library management app?

hi there been working on creating a library management app. how can I make or store the database or borrowers in which the next users or librarian can see that a certain book is already borrowed or returned. do I need to use tiny db to store the borrowed and retrieve the data of the books that have been returned. if so how can I make it possible I have been in a muddle for a while now, hopefully you can help me a beginner in mit solve this problem, thank you.

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TinyDB can't be seen by anyone else than the holder of the phone.

So a library patron needs an online database that can be updated by the library and made visible to patrons looking for books.

The library problem can be compared to this NYC Marathon runner tracker app, with books instead of runners and borrowers or library shelves for current runner (book) locations.

yes this is also initially what I had thought but we were instructed to not use a database. Iam very confused as to how I can do it without that. right at this moment Iam still figuring out how I can make it possible I already did the search engine part but the next part the set up of the borrowing and return of the book, Iam still figuring it out

Okay. No database.

So this might be for a rural mobile library, with the librarian the sole tablet owner, keeping track of the books, and letting patrons browse the shelves on their own or ask for books by topic?

It's time to learn lists and tables.

To run a library, you might need three tables:

  • borrowers (unique ID(cellphone/emailaddress?),name,address,late fee balance,borrowing history), a list of dictionaries.
  • books (title,author,copy number (for popular books), available(true/false), loan date (if out), return date (if returned), last borrower, condition)
  • book loan history (title, copy number, loan date, return date, borrower) to track down damage causes or worn books

Is tiny db applicable in this?

TinyDB is offline, and is as far from being called a database as you can get, without losing its data when you close the app.

Limited as it is, you can use 3 TinyDB instances with different NameSpaces (borrowers, books, loans) for this, one per table, one tag per table entry.

You would need a unique TinyDB tag setup for each TinyDB instance:

  • borrowers (tag = name+cell phone number), value = dictionary
  • books (tag=title+copy number), value = dictionary
  • loans (tag=borrower tag+ book tag + yyyyMMdd date)

There is a TinyDB block that returns a dictionary with all the tags and values , that could be used with the advanced list blocks for searching.

so my progress is that Imade a code that is supposed to bring back a borrowed status of a certain book when the Borrow button is clicked. However, I am having trouble retrieving the data since it does not associate the status stored in TinyDb withthe book.I am so lost I don't know what to do. Below is a picture of my code for this part


can you post these instructions here?
before continuing with your project it should be clear what can be used and what not... TinyDB is also a database, it is a tiny database...


You are tasked to make a user interface of an online


book borrowing system. The following are the features required in its user interface a. A search window for the borrower wherein the borrower could input keywords related to the book he wants to borrow in the


. b. Display the books in the screen in relation to the keywords typed by the user. c. Provide status if the book is available or already borrowed. d. Provide an interface wherein the borrower could reserve the book he plans to borrow from the


. e. Provide a prompt to the librarian of the reservation request by the borrower. f. Provide an inventory of the status and location of the books in the


for easy access and locating the book in the shelves. g. Provide an interface in which the librarian could update the status and location of the book. Develop a mobile app and generate a flowchart on how your user interface works Observe the guidelines in the powerpoint when designing your user interface.

this is the instruction givenn to us but as we discussed to our instructor that its kinda hard to put or obtain a data base online, he had given us the option of just manually storing the book and just to show that the app functioned on the parts stated above

Library management with no data base (retrieving data problem)

hello there, so I made a code that is supposed to bring back a borrowed status of a certain book when the Borrow button is clicked. However, I am having trouble retrieving the data since it does not associate the status stored in TinyDb withthe book. I am so lost I don't know what to do. Below is a picture of my code for this part.Please help me with any suggestions you might lend me and pointing outmistakes that I might have done. Thank you for your time

Have you tried setting up a Google Sheet yet?

It would be allowed by the project description.
TinyDB is an awkward fallback.

Im not very familiar with usage of google spreadsheet in mit app may i know whta purpose do it have and how does it functions

also are there any error in here ?

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Export your .aia file and upload it here.



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Also, explain the different tags you will be using and their values.

I plan to store tag for borrow, reserve, and books. But the problem Im currently facing is that The stored values on these tag cannot be locate.

When your device fails, your database of borrowed books will disappear forever. Building a database offline is nonsense in this case. A simple and free database for this purpose could be Google Sheets. Sheets could be managed from your application on your phone, or directly by logging in from your PC to Google Drive.

Unless this is some school assignment and this application won't be used in a real library, then tiny db can be used.

Actually, it is indeed a school assignment and its is just to show that an app like that is possible and can be of work... But we are constantly facing problem with the program that we are creating.... i posted a file here of our work and it is of help if you can help us pinpoint a problem or suggest what we can do.. thank you very much

So far this is the progress that we have and there is a problem everytime we set the status of the book to borrowed then press back home that happened the search bar engine does not show can someone pls help us :sob: