Can't reach the App inventor Site

can’t reach to create an app

Are you by chance located in Colombia? If so, the most likely issue is that your internet service provider (isp) is BLOCKING. You might be able to use the server at

This is explained in the posts below. Does this help?

Let me guess Diego. You possibly live in Colombia and your internet provider is Blocking the AI2 Web application.

See Can't reach the App inventor Site for an explaination.

Did I guess correctly?

I do live in Colombia.
Should I contact my internet provider to solve that problem?

Yes, it maybe works

Yes contact your isp. Ask them to un-block

Someone already asked Claro to do that. I Mit ai2 companion not working

Do you use Claro?

Sí mi proveedor de internet es Claro.

@diego_ruiz_guiza Does this link work at all?

NB: This is not intended to be a solution if it does, but we’re offering this to try and better understand the problem constraints.

This link does work thanks

Thanks for letting us know. Please just be aware that the companion will not work with that version of the site due to technical limitations.

I understand but it will help me to do some things anyway. Thank you!

No busquen más. Esta es la solución. Sólo deben loguearse con su cuenta de mit app inventor y entrarán sin ningún problema.