App with Transparent Background. AndroidManifest. Screen Transparent

Hello friends,

here an app with Transparent Background Screen.

1.- In Designer:

p127F_fondotransparente.aia (5.8 KB) (is a simple counter)
On this web: p127F_fondotransparenteA.apk

Screen1.BackgroundColor: None
VerticalArrangement1.BackgroundColor: None
Etiqueta1.BackgroundColor: None
btn_close.BackgroundColor: None

2.- Build (save .apk to my computer)


3.- AndroidManifest.

We are going to modify the AndroidManifes.xml with the APK Editor Study program, @Anke explains how to modify the AndroidManifest in this topic:

Open .apk



Save .apk.


Install .apk.

Open. Close. Open app


I did this way back!

This method is easier, in App Inventor you don't need to add any files, just the text .Translucent.NoTitleBar

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at the time this guide was made, there was no theme support in AI2 and you had to make your own depending on what you wanted

It was more of show off that it has been done before..


Another example. Splash Screen.

Zoom an image when the app starts.

p127F_fondotransparente_Splash.aia (93.9 KB)

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Do you have a demo/video so we can see it in action


Juan the metod to make background screen transparent works also for screen 2?

Thanks in adv :v:

If you change in .apk...

android:roundIcon="@mipmap/ic_launcher" android:theme="@android:style/Theme.Translucent.NoTitleBar">

... Screen1 and Screen2 get transparent background.

borrar_p127F_fondotransparente_2.aia (85.7 KB)

It is beautiful :). Is it possible to make 1 screen non-transparent and screen 2 transparent?

Try in Design Screen1 set colors in

Screen1.BackgroundColor: None
VerticalArrangement1.BackgroundColor: None
Etiqueta1.BackgroundColor: None
btn_close.BackgroundColor: None

I will have fun. We can get a real splash ekran.
This theme should be permanently selectable in appinventor. It would be a good complement.

There is a Extension to add Elements to manifest maybe this can be used instead of editing apk.

I don't know, whether it's possible or not, just posted so you could know this Extension :slightly_smiling_face:

I asked the Developer of the Extension, and it's not possible. Apologize for Misinformation

Hi! I'm confused of how to open the app. I downloaded the apk file and have the app installed on my phone. But when I open the app, it opens the app with the background and when I press start the only thing that happens is that the seconds start counting. And when I press the button at the bottom where it says "Pulsa" it only exits the app but there are no buttons like the video you showed us. Can someone please help me to know how to open it the right way? Thanks for anyone who replies!

In these examples the applications are working in the foreground.
They are two different examples.
Do the first example.

You made amazing thing I never seen an transparent app

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What do you mean by that? Sorry I'm kinda new at this.

like the video you showed us

Example without video:

p127F_fondotransparente.aia (5.8 KB) (is a simple counter)