Transparent theme

Would it be possible to add a transparent theme to app inventor? The idea is to be able to use screen transparency and not have to edit the manifest file. A motive would be needed:

With transparency you can create very interesting effects for splash screens, menus and much more.

Hello hello is anyone here?

Would your vision here be to have this on a per screen basis? At present, the Theme is application-level, not activity-level, so there would need to be some work done to enable this. Adding the additional theme shouldn't be that hard though.


After compiling the application in the manifest file, I have a theme: android:theme ="@style/AppTheme" which is strange because Juan Antonio in his tutorial wrote that he has android:theme="@android:style/Theme".

So it is possible that App Inventor has some influence on this text since it is in two versions?

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I don't know much to understand what you are asking. I just mean some option that would change the Manifestna entry to another theme. It does not have to be visible to the AI2 designer, the most important thing is that the changes should be visible in the application.

Yes. On Screen1 there is a property called Theme that allows you to select the theme for the app. This affects every screen in the application. Names with the android: prefix reference the built-in names defined by Android. Names without the prefix reference names in the app package. The theme that is generated combines the AccentColor, PrimaryColor and PrimaryColorDark properties along with the Theme selection to yield the final look of the app.

Because the Theme property controls the look and feel of the whole app, we would need to change the property to be per-screen so that one screen could be transparent but not another, such as in your proposed splash screen example.

Now changing this theme in the manifest file affects all screens. I used the transparency of the second screen to build the menu. By setting a transparent theme, you can turn it on and off with the background colors of the screen. If we set any background color then it will not be transparent. If we set the background color to "none" then it is transparent.

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