App with Transparent Background. AndroidManifest. Screen Transparent

Thanks for replying but I've already tried that one. Is it because of my phone?

Here is a second example.

that's what happens when i open it.

When you install the app, you close it and reopen it.

Try this: apk removed. Please do not post apk files in the community.

in this web:

That one did work! Thx. And also is the aia file at the top the same app? So that I can "study it" and add that to my app.

No es un enlace a un archivo .apk, es solo información p127F_fondotransparenteA.apk en una página web.

Wait, I don't get it. I opened the link and then inside the link you gave me, there was an apk file. I download it, and send it to my phone and I download it on the phone.

Hey! I've been trying to do my own non-background app but I can't.

as you can see, the screen background color is set to none but when I download the app on my phone I see a black background. Can you tell me what am I doing wrong?

Tutorial, point 3.

Never mind, I think is that I'm putting an image on the app. Because on the app that does work I added the same image and there was the same black background.

  • Another example:
    Clock reverse minute hand.

p127F_fondotransparente_Reloji.aia (23.1 KB)


  • Apk Editor Studio.


Does google assistant uses the same functionality to show half screen when we activate it ?

hi @Juan_Antonio i tried this method but the app doesn't open when I download it

made on : kodular
mobile : Samsung note 10 lite
android version : 11

should I send my aia and apk on pm ?

In Android 11 I have not tested it.


hi @Juan_Antonio i tried the guide in kodular community and it worked , in android 11

thanks for the super cool guide :blush: