When will IOS version be available to the public?

I like App Inventor but, Thunkable X is also improving. At first they had very few components but, they have improved a lot, especially publishing to web feature. However, I prefer the interface of App Inventor over any other platform.


EWPatton..... I'm a retired nuclear and weapon systems engineer with a lot of micro-controller experience. Did anyone ever tell you the story of the perfect mousetrap? Well, this guy built the perfect mousetrap. I mean it didn't leave a mouse behind. Every mouse got caught. Each morning, you'd take the trap and pull a lever to shake the bugger out from inside the box. Sometimes it was a bit bloody. But there he/she was... dead as a door nail. You'd clean it out with running water, set more cheese, and put it back.

It didn't sell that well. They simply couldn't figure it out. The regular mouse trap, that wooden platform that sometimes snapped your finger and would miss catching the mouse now and then? It kept outselling them. Why???

The answer was simple. That wooden platform mousetrap sold for 1/20th the cost of the super duper deluxe version. It was dirt cheap. People simply threw the whole thing with the dead mouse into the garage bin. No fuss, no muss. Set a fresh/clean trap and walk away.

Sometimes, it's best not to go overboard on your first product release with all the bells and whistles. If you're not too careful, someone with a simpler yet released version may beat you to the draw. Like Blynk.io,


Yes.... well.... it's aimed at the younger generation. At this rate, they'll be collecting old age pension.

This is funny. Blynk costs 166$/month to use to develop other than for personal use. Get the great news here https://blynk.io/pricing.

App Inventor 2 is free (really) and is not in commercial competition. Enjoy using Blynk.

There are other compilers that provide similar features than Blynk for nominal fees (B4X, Delphi Community Edition to name two). They provide compiled apps for ios and Android using the same code base.

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When will it release ?
It was said to release in 2018 or 19

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The Companion will be available soon in the App store (publicly)

Are we almost there?

Yes, read more here: MIT App Inventor for iOS version 0.9.7

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This is great great great news
Sincere congratulations to those who supported the effort to make this great opportunity available
Is there any document / tutorial / example to follow to take advantage of the new development system and understand the differences compared to the version for Android?

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Soon might mean different things to different people. Given that I made the first proof of concept for iOS using HelloPurr back in October 2016, soon to me certainly has a different time scale. I would like to reiterate that I claimed we would be submitting it for review (ideally by the end of the month). We don't quite know what's in store for us regarding the App Store approval process other than internal discussions we've had with some of the Thunkable team members.


I suggest if anyone needs iOs app published immediately to use Thunkable or something else, otherwise I'll wait for MIT to do the free stuff whenever they are capable.

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I know thunkable, but we're here because we want to build for iOS with app inventor (besides, after app inventor supports iOS, Kodular and other builders will be able to work on their version for iOS)

I think thunkable is dumb compared to AI2, so we are waiting. :slight_smile:
By the way, i dont remember if i read or hot, will it be a separate constructor, or i can decide in the constructor what ios i want to compile ?

Personally, I would not try to pass judgment on a particular system. Each system will have its own solution that works for its developers. The founding team of Thunkable were members of the App Inventor team, and they had their own reasons for going the route they did.

It's the same system. The beta version of the companion app works against ai2.appinventor.mit.edu and code.appinventor.mit.edu. When build support is available, it will be another option under the Build menu.


Does anyone have a rough idea when the ios version of appinventor will be available? Also will you be able to convert an android apk to an ios one or will it need to be rewritten?

Can I please get a testflight invite as soon as possible?


That's you and thousands of others :space_invader: