When will IOS version be available to the public?

When will IOS version be available to the public?
Will it be before 2020?


It will be ready when the developers of MIT think it is ready to publish to the public. There is no set date.


You can follow the development progress here:


I know this site, but it is rarely updated

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That shows how much work has to be done.


We update the site when we push a new release to TestFlight. The features listed correspond to the expected functionality of the TestFlight version. If you find that the site claims something is implemented but it doesn’t work in practice, please file a bug report.


I use App Inventor Companion in TestFlight and it works.,

Si i want to know if my app can be posted to App Store in real world.

It’s urgent for me or i’ll have to switch to Cordova.


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@Enzo_Aggazio It is not possible to post your TestFlight ios app to the App Store. Why? The TestFlight works using the Companion in live development but it is not currently possible to create a compiled app.

Urgent? Try Thunkable, Cordova, Delphi, B4x because a public version is still in the future. When? No one knows, certainly not in the next month or so. Probably the later part of this year. ios is coming, it is just taking a while to get all the authorizations from Apple and to finish fixing bugs.


I have found a few bugs for the iOS version but I don’t know how to file a bug report. Please help.

For the ones you’ve emailed, I’ve filed them on the internal issue tracker. You can also submit them via the Google Form linked from TestFlight, or you can post in this category (including screenshots, etc.).

HTML Asset not found in iOS WebView due to Asset path not found. What is the correct folder name in iOS instead of “file:///android_asset/” folder in Android?

The following code does not work on the iOS Companion. Looks like the asset path is not recognized/translated to the iOS folder location. The code works on the Android Companion and the compiled Android app.

_AssetPath = “file:///android_asset/”

Using AssetPath in the designer does not work also and gives same error.

Screen Shot 2020-02-29 at 12.33.32 PM.png

iPhone 7 screen iOS 13.3.1:


Would it be possible to get an advanced beta version for school student use as many are locked down away from school and do not have an android to test their apps on? Nearly all have iOS device at home.

They don’t create any very advanced apps in the timeframe allowed for their task.


Looking around I see rumours about and progress towards IOS capability since 2017 and I note the beta test phase from last year but the IOS cross platform promise is looking increasingly like vapourware.

Could you reassure me this will happen and perhaps indicate a rough roadmap to cross platform functionality? It would be nice to see it but lots of us can’t hang around for a few more years to find out if it will actually see the light of day!


Hi Evan,
How can I get a code for the companion on Testflight?

I'm in the UK and teach beginners how to programme, I have tried to get into the iOS beta programme for AppInventor but have not been successful. If students are able to develop software on the device they own they are far more motivated. I was just about to give a donation but then I noticed that the project is closed with no explanation.

I have been telling my students for ten years AppInventor or something similar will change app development because it makes development available to everyone. Apple will not want something so intuitive as a platform for developing iOS apps because why would the majority of developers continue to use Xcode?

Is Apple dragging its feet, or will I have to teach my students to use Thunkable for AppInventor style development because the AppInventor iOS project is permanently closed?


The project did not close, but unfortunately it has been postponed for almost 3 years, I do not understand why the biggest challenge is to deal with Apple, Thunkable passed this stage easily (they do not seem to have a problem with it at all) so why not app inventor?

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I meant the release date had been postponed for almost three years

Thunkable uses react-native in the background to build cross platform apps, which also brings along some of it's limitations and I personally believe that Thunkable X is still not a very robust platform as such. I am not sure about the AppInventor iOS but I guess they are trying to develop a more robust and customisable platform just like the AI2 used to be, which is I guess could also be a reason for apple being a barrier in this.


I like App Inventor but, Thunkable X is also improving. At first they had very few components but, they have improved a lot, especially publishing to web feature. However, I prefer the interface of App Inventor over any other platform.


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Sometimes, it's best not to go overboard on your first product release with all the bells and whistles. If you're not too careful, someone with a simpler yet released version may beat you to the draw. Like Blynk.io,