iOS companion version 2.63 available on Apple TestFlight

Hello everyone,

We have published iOS companion version 2.63 build 1 on Apple TestFlight. This update includes the following changes:

  • Fix stack overflow issue caused by sprite updates
  • Add private network header for Chrome 94+ support
  • Fix bug in degrees->radians and radians->degrees functions
  • Fix bug related to clearing Map.Features property
  • Implement touch up event after a long click
  • Add legacy popup mode for iOS
  • Fix CloudDB token not working with % prefix
  • Make ScreenOrientation event fire correctly
  • Implement numbers-only for password textbox
  • Fix label font size changing when using HTML format
  • Fix issue with reseting layout counters after using fill parent

It also contains all of the fixes from the previous beta versions of 2.60.1:

  • Add private network header for Chrome 94+ support
  • Fix sprite update issues that may result in stack overflow
  • Initialize random number seed on startup
  • Allow for multiple lines in ListView elements
  • Fix drawing on canvas
  • Encode url and parameters
  • Fix view constraints failing when visible on initialize
  • Prevent numbers from being coerced to strings when stored in variables
  • Implement serialization to text checks
  • Stop unfinished speech first before starting a new one
  • Fix getvalue response parsing error
  • Add mechanism in web viewer to show popups
  • Implement string reverse block
  • Ensure WebViewString is available when page loads
  • Implement join list with separator
  • Implement missing Web component functionality
  • Fire long click once it is detected
  • Fix bad yail-dictionary? call in coerce-to-yail-list
  • Add support for http://localhost/ in WebViewer
  • Disable idle timer while companion is active
  • Fix slider position not reflecting the min value
  • Move ImageSprite rotation updates to zero-length CATransaction
  • Fix parsing of floats without leading zero
  • Fix white filled Canvas when BackgroundColor is None
  • Fix Map not showing title and description
  • Fix Player not playing MP3 due to silence mode

If you would like to help test this version, please use this link to join the beta test from your iOS device. Please report any issues you encounter with this Google Form.

For those of you who have access to the build server, it will be updated later this week to match this version.



(added to FAQ)

The build server is now up to date.

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What does this exactly mean?

Ah, it seems to be related to this post:


It was in reference to:

Specifically, the iOS build server was set up to build against an older iOS version and was compiled against the App Inventor version 0.9.9, so the behavior didn't match up with the published companion. Now, the build server matches this beta version so that apps tested with the companion should also compile with the same functionality.

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