What is going on here? YAIL compiler - apksigner execution failed

A search on the community for your error may indicate a solution ?


(added problem and solution to FAQ)

I have no problems building the APK with AI2Offline (the AI2 build server is not available at the moment).


I created a new app
It has no data
This same problem appears

Have you by any chance changed your keystore?

I do not think so
But all the apps I own and the new ones
same message

I went here and it was created successfully APK


@alwaily_gh Now I have merged your identical threads, please don't do that onward..

Judging by this thread

it seams that you have done some thing with the keystore.

If you have imported any keystore, then the default values has to be used for it..

Default Keystore Password - android
Default Keystore Alias - androidkey
Default Key Password - android