VerticalViewPager: A vertical version of ViewPager

Added to the first post :+1:

ViewPager is like a Scroll View (either horizontal or vertical) which hosts only one child view at a time.

This one can be termed as a Horizontal View Pager:


ChangeLog Version 1.1

New Blocks


  • Added id system
  • Dynamic Components support
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Can a HorizontalViewPager extension be made to behave the same way as the Vertical one, i.e. reacts to user swipe right/left, as opposed to it being automated ? It is more natural to swipe left/right, and AppInventor already has a vertical "scroll" of sorts....

Or perhaps both in one extension ?

Yes, possible :+1:

I was hoping my enquiry might encourage you to make a horizontal one :wink:


Sure Sir.

Edit: Here it is Sir @TIMAI2 :
com.sunny.viewpager.aix (11.3 KB)


most excellent work :+1:
(a few of the tool tip/descriptions might need editing)

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Actually it (extension) is different from current thread so I may publish it someday else.

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ChangeLog Version 1.2

New Blocks



When I tried using both HorizontalViewPager and VerticalViewPager in the same project I got attached error..
Can I use both with each other?

Not currently, they are essentially the same extension with a few tweaks. The horizontal view pager has not been officially released as a separate extension by @vknow360

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Thank you.


Looks like this "index" is 0-based, better to change to 1-based, as same to other app inventor component.

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Yes, fixable in Horizontal one but can't do the same with Vertical ViewPager as it will break a lot of blocks.

Dear @vknow360,
How to swipe tab bar with the change of view page in horizontalview pager. Like this

You can do that with the help of PageChanged event.

Ok thanks

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Why can't I run demo

Have you updated your companion app to 2.67 / 2.67u ?

I just bulid and run