How do you create a game that is horizontal?

Hello, I am wanting to create a slogan game where you will roll a dice and it will pick for example, fast food. It will then show you a randomized fast food restaurant(out of like 100 options) and you will have to write the slogan to get the question correct. There will be 2 teams competing for a certain number of points. With all this in mind I have one major issue. It's that I cannot have a horizontal screen. I want the game when run, to cover up a whole tv screen/pc screen. In simpler terms, instead of having the screen up and down I want it side to side. (16x9 ratio). I set the screen layout to monitor size and it is still up and down. Is there a way to change this?

Thank You!

You could try this extension by @vknow360 which is a horizontal swipe pager:

Why not just choose landscape orientation in screen 1?

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Just change screen orientation in screen 1 to landscape as mentioned by @ABG
Screenshot from 2023-06-09 11-04-14

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