How do I use HorizontalScrollArrangement as slideshow so swipe to the full next slide at once not smoothly or remains in current slide?

Hello, I have an app with contains about 15 slides, I arranged it in HorizontalScrollArrangement and worked fine, but when swipe to next slide it may stop in middle of it, I need to swipe to full next slide at once or remains in current slide?
Any one can help please?
Thank you.

Have you tried the new listview with images?

See here

You may be looking for ViewPager or ViewFlipper.

Thank you!
Sorry are these components within AppInventor or other platform?
I can't see it in AppInventor!

I just find this extension com.sunny.viewpager.aix (11.3 KB) but I cant use it!
Is it to swipe between pages (screens) ?

Here is an example aia project using the horizontal pager

swipeSlides.aia (76.9 KB)

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Thank you very much @TIMAI2 !
This is what I exactly need!

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