Unable to download apk . AAPT execution failed

Hi everyone. I'm a complete newbie here. Is it possible for me to download the apk file of this app http://ai2.appinventor.mit.edu/#6457503694323712 ? This one is from the tutorial section. I tried to download the apk to my PC but it says this:

Thanks for your response.

This link is of no use to anyone, please send the .AIA file or an image of your blocks, there is probably something wrong in the code...

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I have the same problem today, I can not download the apk, which I have downloaded numerous times in the past, is there a problem with the server?

do you also have an AAPT execution failed error?
did you read the previously mentioned FAQ?
building works for me..


yes, thanks for your reply, already found the problem,

please explain, what the problem was for you and also provide the solution...
this community is here to help each other and your answer might help someone else in future
thank you


I meet the same question,please explain, thanks very much.