The packaging of the apps for more than 2 hours doesn' t work

Hello, how can I package my app in order to make it active on a device even if I disconnenct the phone from the computer (for more than 2 hours)? The instructions that are given in a tutorial about this topic does not work because are not uptodated.

That's called Building an .apk file.

You build the .apk file, download it to your pc, thenupload it into your phone.

You can also load it into your phone at build time by scanning the bar code generated by the build.

Once you have the app installed on your phone, you no longer need connection to MIT.

P.S. If this list does not help, post your error message and your exported .aia file here.

Thank you very much for your answer. However, when I follow this procedure, neither my cell phone nor the tablet let the app run. More specifically, when I try to install the app to the cell phone a message from the Play Protect appears and says that "it does not recognize the programmer of this application". Even if I ignore the message and continue the installation, finally the message that appears says "The application cannot be installed". (I also went to the settings of my cell phone and click to let the installation from this source). According to tablet, when I click the .apk file in order to install it, nothing happens..

Please give more details Larren: Make, Model and Android Version of each device.

Try removing the app icon. If it is too big, that can prevent an install.

I will give you more details about the steps I followed and the devices:

With regard to the tablet:

Tablet model: TCLTAB10s (v2.0.06A.9.Z)
Processor: MT8768
Android: 10

  1. I created the project "Hello Codi" from the tutorials. It is a very easy application in which when you click a photo a sound plays.
  2. I clicked Built/Android App (.apk)
  3. I scaned the QR code with my tablet and clicked "downloade the link".
  4. When I click the file HelloCodi.apk from the "Downloads" in order to install it, a window tries to emerge but it close so quickly that I cannot read what it says. After this nothing happens and the app is not installed.

With regard to the phone:
I finally managed to install the app. I went to the system settings and let permission to install this app.

I did not add an app icon. I let the default icon in my app (the app is the HelloCodi from the tutorials).

Your tablet might be trying to protect you from the downloaded .apk file.
When this happens, the download directory does not show the .apk file, but instead, a renamed temporary file that needs to be okayed by you.

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Indeed, that might be what you need to do on your tablet too.

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The downloaded file has already the name HelloCodi.apk, what do you mean to rename it?

It means you were lucky and avoided one problem.