Testing the next release of MIT App Inventor (nb183a)

Hello everyone,

Please help us test MIT App Inventor version nb183a, an upcoming release to address some bugs identified in version nb183. Here are the changes in the release:

  • Add a prompt to enter the name of a screen when deleting it to prevent accidental deletions. A checkpoint of the project will also be made by default before the screen is deleted. (thanks @beinganonymous)
  • Fix an issue where changing the preview size in the designer would also change the size of the selected component
  • Fix an issue where property validators would report errors when working with multiple component selection. Property editors were made to be more robust to address when conflicting property values were present when selecting multiple components.
  • Fix an issue where the BackPress event would still allow going back (thanks @conorshipp)
  • Fix an issue where polygon title/description were not being set from the designer
  • Fix an issue where block expand/collapse actions were not being recorded for undo/redo

Evan W. Patton, Ph.D.
Lead Software Engineer, MIT App Inventor
On behalf of the MIT App Inventor team


I believe there is one more piece to fix, please:
“When ListPicker .LostFocus” event seems not to be trigered (or the blocks inside are ignored).

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I believe this relates to the listpicker button and this block and the gotFocus block are a hangover from when cursor/pointer type devices were used for AppInventor. There is similar for a normal button. Just do not use these blocks.

A quote from Evan Patton on the button blocks:

The original use of the GotFocus/LostFocus events were when Android phones had trackballs to navigate the UI. Focus would move when you moved the trackball highlight over a component (e.g., button). In the days of touch screens and no trackballs, the events still exist but are likely only triggered in limited circumstances (computer emulators with mouse being one, accessibility focus is another).

I used test version and normal version. I send my app to friends some of my friends told me they cant not open the app after installation. their phone is huawei. I am confused. This is happening for the first time. what should I do? how do I test this?

There is a clue. “test” server is just for that, testing. The test server should not be used for building and distributing apps.

@turan Do these Huawei users have Settings set on their phone to allow unknown apps?
Do they get an error message? You said they cannot open the app. How do they try to open the app and what message do they receive? Is this only with Huawei?

Settings>Security>Install unknown apps some operating systems provide also the option to allow eMail installation.

If eMail does not work you can also use this advice to share your app Give an app to a friend

If they’ve installed a version previously built with ai2, and then try to install a version built with ai2-test, the app will be rejected due to a different signing key unless you’ve also copied your keystore from ai2 to ai2-test (see Import/Export Keystore in the project menu).

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Here everything was solved, especially BackPress which was my biggest problem.