One of my projects is not opening entirely (please please please help)

One of my projects is not opening, entirely. I have tried opening the project multiple times, it has been about a week, but each time it says “Report a bug?” I have reported a bug a few times but no one has gotten back to me. I have published the app to the MIT App Inventor Gallery before and downloaded it, but that was before I made lots of updates. I might know where the glitch is. I was renaming a checkbox to “t_box” (or something similar to that) and I saw it renamed the screen name to “t_box” instead. Please help, I spent a lot of time on this project.

Make a copy of the Project … either copy the aia or My projects>Save project as ; then with the copy,
delete the ‘offending’ Screen. Then try to load the Project might work.

Otherwise, load your most recently made aia file of the Project.

I also cannot open my project, I do not know why, please help.

Did you import the aia from another builder?

No, I made the project myself.

Are you getting any error message?

Yes, I attached the image.

I cannot do that because I cannot open the project in the first place, and the screen with the different name is the only screen.

You can get the project’s aia without opening it like this:

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It doesn’t let me export the project even when I’m not in the project.

This issue was resolved. I repaired the project and all should be well again…

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